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  1. Read what TrainInfluenza wrote in his previous post he understands frequency properly.
  2. Your calculations are correct.
  3. If I got 8 stops on the line and the person gets of at the 3rd stop. Then I can take 300/8=37,5 seconds. Then take 37,5×3=112,5 seconds.

    Look how frequency is 50 seconds but a bus passes a stop every 37,5 seconds. That’s what I meant in point 4 of  my previous post but didn’t word it well enough.

  4. Point 3 of my previous post is about how frequency and total loop time are related. It’s kind of reverse of what you wrote in

    Can I then take 6×50=300 seconds. So it means my bus will take 300 seconds to fully complete the circle line.

    number of busses * frequency = loop time (6×50=300) so frequency = loop time / number of busses (50=300/6)

PS: Maybe this is how point 4 should be worded properly:  Frequency is not how often a vehicle will pass stops. ?

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