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@Tossi  “PS: Maybe this is how point 4 should be worded properly:  Frequency is not how often a vehicle will pass stops. ?” Well it is. Get stop watch and piece of paper. Stand on any point of a line. When you see a vehicle from your line, write down current time. The table you get would look like the Fulenza’s table, the right column. You will have a list of time rocords, any record has same amount of time from previous record. The diference is the same for all the records. The diference is the frequency.


Nice discussion BTW :-]

Now deaar devs should put more numbers on the line window. Like :

freq, lengt of one round in seconds, lenght of one round in km, line capacity.

Line capacity is imporatant for replacement. You can get shorter/longer freq but it still doesnt tell you the amount of cargo delivered.

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