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Hello, I’m having sort of the same issue. and need some help.


I have 2 PCs


AMD Athlon FX8350, 16GB RAM, GeForce 660TI 3GB, SSD etc. game is running fine fast and satisfying.



Dell Laptop Latitude E6540, 8GB RAM, Core i5 vPRO, SSD, with a dual VGA (intel build-in Core-i5 HD4000 series, + AMD 8970M).

I configured the switchable graphics options so train fever should run the HighPower VGA card, but it starts loading when I double click the steam icon, but after 3 seconds or loading circle (hourglass) the loading stops. and nothing in the task manager active on train fever.

Dell didn’t release a new driver for the AMD VGA card yet, And for some reason I can’t use the AMD mobile drivers directly. (p.s. World of tanks runs smoothly on this Laptop in Full HD, medium gfx options).

Need help?  Really want to play it on my laptop asap.