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Hi there,

Thank you for your kind words. We try to create the best game we can in the time we’ve got. Our goal is to get the transport tycoon games back in business with new technologies and accessible controls that meet the current standard. We’re happy about every support we get from the community.


About your questions:

  1. Yes, there are leisure transportation needs.
  2. No, we’re not going to give the player control about the pricing. The attraction for using the players transportation mainly depends on the time benefit the inhabitants will get using your public transportation line.
  3. Train Fever is focused on managing your transportation empire, we don’t include additional income facilities.
  4. The cities grow autonomous, but the player’s influence will increase the growth drastically. You as the player are able to build your own roads which the city will include into its own structure.
  5. We do have a signal system for our tracks. Trains are not going to pass through each other, you have to create good signals and create a nice layout.
  6. An in-game year will pass in 6 minutes. You’re able to speed the time up, what will shorten an in-game year.
  7. Not in the release version. We’re eager to create a multiplayer and some AI competitors, but not in this version .