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I don’t think you quite understand, I have 2 cities very close to each other with around 2000 population in each, and for the most part all the traffic runs fine.. I have about 20 bus routes and 2 train networks within the 2 cities , and they are connected to 7 other cities with busses and trains all receiving goods.. The trouble I am having is 1 car will stop and take a nap in his car for hours (real time) if I leave it.. I know if I do the upgrade/downgrade trick it all starts moving again , but only for it to happen somewhere else completely random and start the gridlock all over again.. I have done about 180 hours game play and have learnt a few tricks but this is really annoying “bug” like.. If the cars would actually change lane and go around the dude who is asleep then the city would all run just fine., but that would be too much to ask…