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The RedKing

I’ve got this gridlock problem too. It happens when there is more than 1 track to be used for the same route. e.g., when you’ve got 4 rail-tracks connecting 2 (4-track)stations, all one way. Setting up the route, it will choose track 1 for A to B, and track 2 for B to A.

To connect a depot, I’ve added switches somewhere in the middle (using correct signals).

Now, when the route suddenly changes, now using track 3 and 4 due to another modification else were, I sometimes end-up with some of the trains on track 1 and 2, and some of them on track 3 and 4. As they try to switch back to the same tracks, they jam each-other. Especially when the causing change also changes the usage of track 3 and 4, as I did not expect any trains to be on these.

Waypoints, waypoints, waypoints….Can’t wait. Hope tomorrow’ll be the day