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IMO this is also a poor network design on your part. No gridlocks will happen if everything is designed properly.

I can’t agree with that.

I have a dual track line going A>B>C>D>E>D>C>B>A

Stations B,C,D,E accept the trains on a different platform for each direction, similar to snowball’s screenshot but more double track between more stations, with no crossings between and a series of one way lights to keep them flowing as smooth as possible.

I added a junction to the track, just to add a depot and two of the trains, which where at a station at the time, decided they wanted to still be at the same station, but in reverse… meaning they wanted to be on the other platform for C / D respectively.

Each time I tried to correct them, they turned back around facing the wrong way again as if the game was forcing them to a particular station / part of the route, but to get to the other platform meant they would have to go to the end of the line to get to the other side of the track.  No path was shown for one of them, which is why I think they wanted to be on the other platform, even though the line had been working perfectly fine for years and all trains where identical.

The only way I could fix it, was to stop the two ‘wrong way’ trains running, set them to reverse, bulldoze a section of the track they where on and rebuild it.  This time, after setting them to running again, they went on their merry way as if they where no longer forcing themselves to visit the wrong platform.

So it seems, they changed the path from

A>B>C (stopped here) and wanted to continue as if they where now on the C>B>A leg of the journey, instead of the C>D>E leg..

Hard to explain, but I hope that made some sense.