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Morat, to be honest, you seem a bit arrogant to me because of your demands.
This is a game in beta developed by a little 5 Men-Team. This is not a fucking EA Games-Title.
So have a little understanding for their hard work and they did hell of a good job considering they’re only 5 Men.
I think they’ll be able to fix most of the performance issues until release, if not all of them.
So have trust in them and if you really like tycoon games, support this first good game since years, eventually they will fix all performance issues, either until release or a little afterwards but those issues aren’t that strong, that you shouldn’t buy the game.

And as said, you have to think off Fraps and other Moviecapturing software.
Depending on the hardware of the youtuber, it takes more or less performance and to be honest, most of the active YouTubers here are pretty new on YouTube and young, probably they don’t have good PC’s so Fraps also takes its fair share of Performance.