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Let’s not get arguing between each other. I am sure the game is going to look much much better than it does on some of the video’s. I have used Fraps quite a lot over the years and although the later updates of it,  are much better than the initial Fraps programme, there is still some loss of quality, by the time the video has been, edited and uploaded to Youtube for showing.

I think that the finished  game will present much better images and smoother game play, than it does on the videos we have seen so far. Further updates to the game will be on going, so I think there will be still room for more improvement, within the next twelve months. And, what with all the possibilities for Vehicle add on packs, and user DRL’s to produce new maps etc, seems quite exciting. I think the guys who have developed this game are on to a winner. It’s up to you guys to prove it, by supporting it and helping to improve on it.