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Thank you for your insight as well, GC. The main thing is, as far as i’m concerned, and i don’t know if you played TF *before* the big upgrade of last year like i did, that running city bus/tram lines has become much more realistic than before the upgrade. Atleast in my perspective…

Running intercity bus lines has always been a major hit. So much so that, in my eyes, it often became ridiculous with people crowding up the stops likeif  there’s a pop concert going on. On the other hand, getting people to use rail connection between cities would often deteriorate tremendously as time would go on. This all seems to be much more regulated now. Even with every Tom, Dick and Harry owning a car, passenger trains and city bus/tram lines remain profitable thru the years. ( i’m in 2036 now….. 3 x a billionaire… would’ve been nice to see some futuristic trains/cars driving around… 😉

Ok, i’m in easy mode, that’s true… Might try your suggestion an go hard difficulty once i get tired of my easy map !  😉

cheers, Jan