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I also have difficulties in running bus or tram lines at a profit (hard difficulty) and I have not yet understood what is the best layout, so I’m really interested in answers from others.

I nevertheless try to give you two elements to think about:

1) It seems that one bus line mostly goes in the industry district. Passengers always go from home to the three other districts. This line could not attract much people, or if it did, it does not make them travel longer (fares depend on distance). By contrast the tram line also passes through the commercial and leisure districts, which may attract more people. I would advise you (hope I’m not wrong) to better connect the residential area with the other districts: in your city you seem to have left out the green part of the city…

2) It seems that your bus and tram limes somewhat overlap each other. That means that the lines could cannibalize passengers among them, with passengers choosing the fastest line to go to their destination. If your tram line has higher frequency or is faster (it seems to be a more direct line to some spots in the city), passengers could prefer it.