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Well guys, thanks to you I just did two things I would never do:

– fall in love with long trains
– made my first ever “kinda-tutorial” video 🙂

So here are the stats of my test:

– Yes in TF you can have a profitable maximum-length cargo line with 20+ wagon trains
– I can confirm the 20-minutes rule includes the waiting time on a station
– Trip time from corner to corner on a biggest map is about 9 minutes @120 km/h
– 25-wagon train with $1.2M loco becomes profitable starting from 10% load
– only 2 trains are sufficient to start the production

Sorry for the crappy quality (filmed the screen with the phone) and lotsa trainspotting, but I hope it will help you explore the new possibilities in the game (it did for me!). Tech stuff in the beginning, financials at the end.

Here’s the vid: