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Also one thing that probably ruins my lines and its related to the 20 min rule (OMG I hate that rule), is that I build my map as a network. So the tracks from industries most of the time connect to a huge hub of other lines. So I have a bulk track of 4 or 5 tracks with trains running north and south. And most of the time I only duplicate when really necessary. So there are some waiting time at connections. Waiting time probably is the one that ruins my setup.

But a busy network is much nicer to look at than exclusive tracks for each train.

Exactly my thoughts. And the 20 minute rule encourages you to do the opposite, create a dedicated track for each train, and put the stations close to the source/target to minimize the traveling time.

Here’s the vid:

Sorry Mike, but your video just convinced me that long cargo trains are not working in TF. Was that train loaded at 10%? So only two wagons had something in them, the other 20 wagons are only decoration? I understand that the line makes profit, but if the wagons are just empty decoration then that doesn’t really make me happy. Did you play other similar games? Where you have a bit complex network, and you start more and more long cargo trains to handle the demand, and the huge stations and the tracks are full of these long FULL trains delivering cargo? That is the experience I’m looking for.