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I take my hat off to all the people who spend hours and hours, making models for computer games. I just haven’t got the time or patience to take it up. It is you guys that keep games interesting, with lot’s of exciting additions to add to them, which attract more people to buy these sort of games. From what I have seen so far with Trainfever, it has been kept reasonably simple, without bringing in stocks and shares, like most other games of this type, which I have to say, I am happy about.

There will be enough interest, just expanding the towns with transport links and seeing them grow over time, than worrying about competition from other companies and having to deal with the financial aspects of the stock market.

New models will certainly enhance the game and it will be nice to be able to download vehicle packs for your home country (mine being the UK) rather than have to play with just the models that come with the game. But I am impressed with what models do come with it, like the old steam trams and buses, through to the record breaking LNER Mallard of the 1930’s era.

So to you modder’s out there, “keep up the good work” it will be interesting to see what becomes available for this game.