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Download Blender, open it, uninstall.exe is the way most people mod… And I don’t blame them.

It is really complicated, it isn’t just like you can make a highly detailed model in half an hour. So the first step is to determine if you are willing to put a lot of time into making mods, because it will take time to learn how everything works and it will be a thing of trial and error. I kind of liked making mods, but I stopped, because it takes a pretty big ammount of  time to model something from nothing, I had other stuff to do so I just didn’t care for it enough to continue modding. (I made car models for GTA IV if you’re wondering.)

And don’t think that it is just making a 3D model, oh no, no, no, no mister, you also have to make textures for your 3D model. However making textures was the most fun thing IMO, that’s why I kept making skins for cars after I quit making 3D models.


It’s not like you are the ultimate modder once you got a modding tool, hell no… I’m going to tell you a little secret. You will suck at it at first. I can promise you that. So did I, so did everyone else… I guess…


Are you still into the modding scene?

Yes – Great, I hope somebody with more knowledge can help you! Good luck and have fun! Though I will just advise you to just google. It’s not like I don’t think that people can’t help you here, I guess it’s quite the opposite. But it takes a lot of time to learn how to mod and so it takes a lot of time to explain everything to you. So that’s why I suggest you just use google because there already have been tons of people more than willing to explain how to mod. I’m not saying that people here are not willing/shouldn’t help you, it’s just that there are so many tutorials and such online that will probably make things a lot easier for you to understand as upposed to messages and comments on this site (which to begin with, isn’t about modding, but about a game). And don’t think that I’m going to explain anything to you, it’s been a long time since I made my last model and I’m probably not the best teacher.

Are you still into the modding scene?

No – Well, if you still think you are, keep on trying I guess, but if the answer is no, you should seriously start to wonder how bad you want to be able to do it.


Now young grasshopper, this was the first lesson for today.

Note that this was totally based up on my experience about modding for ANOTHER GAME!