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I have to agree with you Stress. I feel I wasted $35.00 as well. For a game called Train Fever, it does not live up to it’s name when the longest train I can use is an 8 car train. And that’s only 1 at 2 industries. The game got boring for me real quick. I don’t see how others say they enjoy it so much. I DO see others with large passenger networks but what about cargo. I don’t see any good screenshots of large trains hauling cargo. And the goods in this game is a joke.

Atleast the Devs ARE working on making it better and hope they do because this game surely didn’t hold my interest long enough and I’m sure others feel the same as I do. So we’ll see what they come up with otherwise I don’t believe this game will be played for very long like TTD or Locomotion. And and the only part of this game that reminds me of the others is the depots. Other then that, I don’t see any resemblance to their predecessors like advertised. And I can still play TTD or Locomotion and still enjoy it. As of now, I don’t see this game being played a long os the others are unless they fix it. Fingers crossed.