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Ah well…. I played it for a couple of hours more and I get frustrated how many workarounds i hae to come up with just to get things running smoothly. I have to sink !!! a trainstation into the ground just to cross an upgraded road with a few tracks. Lay out a piece of track, lower it, delete it, reverse the same piece of track, lower that, and so on. I think I will let this game untouchd for a few weeks to see what the devs come up with. Suprise me please…


You don’t have to go that far to cross a piece of road with tracks.  If the road you  are trying to cross is right next to a junction or in small sections (you can see the sections with the bulldozer tool) then perhaps you need to rethink your track layout or bulldoze the road and re-lay it so its a longer section with clear sides enough for a crossing to be built.  I have never had an issue crossing rail over roads.  A bit silly that the other way around doesn’t work, but its not an impossible task like you make out.

As for a manual, most games ‘manuals’ are literally a ‘here are some keybinds’ now go play the game..  I for one would prefer to work things out and learn the mechanics rather than be told to place a station here, another here and Win.


The following points you raise are more about what you would like, just because the game does not contain them doesn’t mean its incomplete.  Different games have different features, few games have everything everybody wants.

 I bought just half a game. Roads that can not pass rails. The whole world uses railcrossings except for Train Fever…   No option for SHIFT-lay track or road (So i can lay out tracks in a straight line). Stations that can handle only passengers or cargo (why not both?). No extra modules that I can “upgrade” my stations with like a restaurant, or cargo storage, or waiting rooms.


Even so, I am not saying the game is perfect, I have my own issues with it, but its a damn sight better than a lot of AAA games where the dev’s don’t give a [explicit word] about it once the money starts rolling in.

Before buying, I did my research and knew what I was buying.. it sounds like some of you didn’t and I mean no disrespect to anybody above.



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