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That’s the spirit. 😀

The clamour for dynamic platform assignment has three main reasons, I think:

– Expectations from how it works in other games. As Train Fever doesn’t seem to believe in explaining, like, anything, people naturally expect things to work like they’re used to. If they don’t, it’s up to the game to tell them. You know, with a manual and stuff.

– Convenience. Realism is all fine, but lots of things in a game are not exactly realistic. Where to draw that line, is basically an arbitrary design decision. (Or, in this case, it’s imho more of a side effect of their game mechanics.) The one-platform-per-line rule is more realistic only in some aspects. So naturally, if that seemingly arbitrary decision leads to more frustrating gameplay, people want it to change.

– It doesn’t always work as intended. I could live with that restriction. There are lots of arbitrary restrictions and abstractions in a sim game. But the game insists on assigning one platform to multiple lines leaving others unused, changes platform assignment every time I change a line, has no recognisable pattern as to which changes to a line lead to a reassignment, and so on. So letting trains simply choose their platform when they arrive, presents itself as a solution to all these issues – one that has been proven to work elsewhere.