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Emeg, the reason why people placing exit signals at platform ends is that nothing tells them that the platform itself has a built in signal. Second reason is that it looks like realistic, as we know in the real world there is a signal in front of the platform to let the train know when it can move along.

I would have a question though about this topic but a little different way.

I have a train station with 4 tracks. I have 4 train lines. We all know that you cannot assign a line to a specific platform, so you cannot say in advance that for example line#1 should arrive and leave all the time from platform #1. However, with planning, you can reach out the following situation:
1)  with line and track planning, only direct routes available for the lines to arrive/leave one specific track only. Trains are phisically unable to select other tracks at the station apart from their ‘assigned’ ones.
2) you slightly ‘weaken’ the above situation by allowing a train to arrive to two tracks and leave the possibility for the train to select the track it wants.

I know that in situation 2), the train will still use only one track, even that one occupied and other one, which should be also reachable, is free.


The game, from a moment to another, when I touch the train lines/signals etc, then it changes the track assignments by its own, for example if I upgrade a train line 300 metres away from the station, or very close to the station (does not matter), the game grabs the lines and randomly reassigns them. This sometimes causes 2 or more lines using the same track!
Is this ‘normal’ in this game? If yes, is there anything to avoid it? Yes I know the only possible solution is the above mentioned situation 1), because in that case nothing can alter the station track usage. But that is not realistic, I would like to keep situation 2), even if the same line will not use 2 tracks.

In life, at a station, a train can go either to track #1, or #2, or #3 or even #4, dependent from the controllers or various situations.