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Roanoss, regarding the use of two (or more) platforms at a terminal station. The trick is repeated route selection inside a specific line. In the picure below you can see that the route from station Alpha to station Bravo set twice, making that the route setting for line 1 has four steps. Trains in TF never drive randomly, so also the route setting inside the line is fixed to its internal program.

As you can see in the picture, a train that is driving for line 1 enters in its 2nd and 4th route stage station Bravo. During its 2nd stage the train goes to Bravo’s left platform and during its 4th stage the train drives to the right platform. This is also shwon by the stage numbers you can see above the platform tracks. This switching between both platforms is automatically done by the game a.i. using a toggle mechanism. In fact is the whole picture including how I have built the switches and the place where the entrance signal is built self-explanatory. I have deribelatery placed the entrance signal at the right side of the left track showing how you can force a line to drive its trains (as in England but also in Switserland) on the left side of a double railroad track.

The train that is entering the station is running in its 2nd route stage. The route to the left platform don’t interfare the route of the opposing train. Because TF use a route pathfinding model and not a block system (the TF signals works together with the invisible sensors in the switches) the entrance signal has cleared the train running at stage 2 to continue to the left platform. Also the opposing train on the 4th route stage is driving, it has been cleared to drive by the invisisible exit signal at the platform endstation. because its route don’t interfare with the other train it is already on its way to station Alpha.

Regarding the randomly reassigns of how the game (in fact how two way signals) created chaos. There is a hidden feature in the toggle mechanism between the two way and one way signal settings. I you don’t like how the two way signal has set the route, toggle back to the one way setting and then again to two way signal setting. Continue this toggeling  until the two way signal has set the route you wish. And of course allows the game that two or more lines can use (partly)  the same track.. as in real, that is not a bug but working as designed.


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