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Well, since they evaluate their path for each type of journey, home <> work,  home <> leisure, home <> shopping… I would think timing a trip once then using the same x times would be a lighter load than evaluating each and every time.
Of course, changes to the network would mean that they would have to be re-evaluated, but still.

I sometimes watch an individual civ for a few game years, whilst doing other things and keep checking back to see what they are up to..  Train to work… Drive home.. hmmm, thieves!  ( I know its my route causing this btw) but it show’s that each time they are about to set out on a journey, they evaluate the trip.


Thinking about the traffic lights, whilst it may be nice to have some control, it could lead to some insane amount of micro-management, to a point of being an annoyance.

Oh and… One way roads anyone?  Surely that should help?

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