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I agree that aircraft might break the game on some level. One thing I’ve wondered is maybe they could do something like in A-Train 9 where you can build an international airport as a passenger destination/starting point to enhance your transportation network.

Certainly it needs some careful thought and I’m just shooting out ideas.

I also agree with Berry. Given the 20 minute travel time limit ships would probably be too slow. But I like his idea of ports providing and recieving cargo. At the least maybe some boats in the water for eyecandy be nice.

Personally what I’d like to see is that as towns grow they might randomly want to construct unique buildings like chruchs, opera houses, theaters, sports arenas, convention centers, etc. Sort of a special leasure building that might serve to enhence cities and make certain lines. And that the player is given the option to influence this as a way to make lines more attractive and/or profitable.

I think that would add to the gameplay, but again just throwing out ideas. What’d y’all think?