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And others want to have this possibilities NeighborKid.
As ships and planes wouldn’t be a necessity to build, you would still be able to play without them.
The heck you even can play TF now without Trains, if you’d like, you can make money with freight transport by trucks and I guess, maybe even bus-networks between two cities would work.
Can’t imagine, that anyone, who buys TF, would renounce trains but theoretically, it is possible.
So when the devs call upon games like Transport Tycoon for inspiration, which had all 3 ways of transport, by land, sea and air, why renounce this heritage and don’t implement it?

Not immediately, thats 4 sure, other things in near future are more important like thinking about a multiplayer or AI Companies for single player.
But in the intermediate future, they imho should add atleast ships, in best case also planes but if that takes its extra time to develop, im fine with that.
Like I said, if you don’t want to play with ships, just don’t use them and you’re fine and can stick with trains and trucks, while the people, who like ships and planes can have their fun with them.
All players would be happy, problem solved => unnecessary to spread strife towards ships and/or planes.