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Wouldn’t sign the comment, that the Freight Shipping industry is on the decline since there are railroads, otherwise the huge containerships nowadays wouldn’t exist.
With map-size increase and some little changes, like I wrote, Ships and Planes can come to life but only in the intermediate future, in the near future, like Jonathan and I before have written, other things in the near future are more important like optimization, ai companies, multiplayer and so on.

The point, why they should be implement is, that many of the players want planes and ships and Train Fever calls upon the inspiration of Transport Tycoon. Ships and Planes where there present, so they sould be ingame.
And also, implementing both wouldn’t hurt the people, who don’t want both, no one forces you to use them.
But spreading hate against both may lead to nonimplementation of both, that would hurt many people.
So stop spreading hate against both, it is utterly useless.