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That comes back to the major difference between Train Fever and Transport Tycoon.

Transport Tycoon could have planes and ships, specifically because it had a completely nonsensical and arbitrary definition of scale.  The distance from one side of the map to the other can vary from a few kilometers to a few hundred kilometers, depending on what you used as a reference.

While Transport Tycoon is obviously a huge inspiration, one of the main ways that Train Fever departs from it is by having a consistent and reasonably realistic definition of scale.  That pretty much precludes meaningful air and sea transport, even if you somehow managed to increase the map size up to 64km.  Neither make much sense until you hit >500km or more.

Also, stop throwing around the “hate” word.  Nobody is spreading hate.  The first thing I stated was that I’m not against them being implemented.  I’m just engaging in a meaningful discussion about the merits and drawbacks to it, and suggesting some cases where I personally feel it *would* make sense and fit within the scope of the game.  If you want planes and ships added into the game with no consideration for context, game balance or scope, then that’s where modders will surely cater to your wishes sooner or later.

If you want the developers to add these things, it makes a lot more sense to actually give it some sensible consideration and tailor your suggestions to fit into the scope and style of the game, rather than sticking your fingers in your ears and trying to silence anyone that challenges your suggestions by telling everyone they’re spreading hate.