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The ones who oppose ships and airplanes don’t want the devs to add both, but we, who like both, want them to add both.
But in contrary to us, you don’t lose anything, if the devs implement ships and planes, because you just can stick to trains and trucks, if you don’t like ships and planes.

Thats why I strongly dislike this “I think, it shouldn’t be implemented”-argument, because it is in its nature a pure optional feature. It would bring us fun and you would lose nothing but you opposed to this are the whole time saying “Don’t implement it” without imho reasonable reasons. We even created concepts and you seem to just don’t read them, thats just annoying as hell.
I think, it’s a good idea to implement because:
1) It adds to the enjoyability of the game for us, who want ships and airplanes in the game.
2) It wouldn’t touch the gaming experience of those, who don’t like ships and/or planes, they just can ignore both and stick to trains and trucks, without harm.
Even now you can, if you want, ignore trains and only build logistical networks with busses and trucks and still make money. It would be entirely the same for ships and planes, you can ignore both and you would still have the Train Fever, you like.
That is the fantastic thing about optional stuff: You can turn it off, if you don’t like it.
3) Would depict a more realistic way of modern day logistic networks, they’re closely interlinked nowadays, for example: Hamburg, the biggest harbor in Germany, is so popular because of it’s many logistical connections by rail and road.
4) Maybe the strongest reason: It adds possibilities to support the devs. I’m not a dreamer, I know, that they don’t do this for butter and bread only. If they also implement Ships and Planes, they’ll have more possibilities to add vehicles in DLC’s. In the end this even can contribute to a very good sequel of this game in a few years from now on.

So, as we talk about pure optional stuff here all the time, I feel it as atleast spreading a bad mood, if you post the whole time “Don’t implement it” with various reasons, that are not valid because you can set planes and ships aside, noone is putting a pistol against your head and forcing you too build planes and ships, if it gets implemented.

Just turn it off if you don’t like and if you like it, enjoy it and everyone is happy.
What is so difficult about understanding this?