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I don’t mind ships at all actually, but my point is that the way this game works ships probably wouldn’t really work. I think the rivers are waaaaay too small in the maps I’ve seen to actually make ships and such work realstically.

However, I played Transport Giant for a long time and there was one map that was great. In that map there were 2-3 big towns and all recources (oil) were on islands in the sea.
I could see this work on TF as well. A bunch of small towns seperated by a lake or something. In that case you could use a trainline around the lake or use boats to link the towns together.

Planes however… I seriously don’t see how that could work properly. The maps are too small for that. A plane would only need 20 seconds or so to cross the biggest map.

So I’m pro-boat, if there will be maps that suit them.
I’m anti-airplane in every way I guess. (Please NSA, don’t take this out of context…)