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English – Region 4 (Due to being in NZ) – As i was heading away, i didn’t get the time to complete a integrity check, as since i had the PC disc rather than the Steam version, i would have thought that a mass produced item released several months ago would have been fixed by now.

Biggest Problem now is dealing with the Black Screen Flickering issue, where the terrain is shown as Black background, Have anyone one actually resolved this problem yet? Seen plenty of Posts but not enough answers and i have nothing running in the background inferring with the game itself.

And Given i’m on a 64 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate OS, with a i5 4590 @3.30 Hertz Processor and 2 GB R7-250 Graphics Card, i thought i was pretty safe (AMD issue possibly?)

Any Thoughts or ideas that i can try to resolve this issue would be appreciated?