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I actually have. After reloading the save maybe… 5 times after bankruptcies and really being hell-bent on making the damn thing work. I got it to return 5 million annually so far with a ridership of approximately 50-60 passengers.

Basically, there’s 2 TGV’s on one line. The line runs from the city I started with in 1900 in the middle of the [large] map to a city up north. In city A, there’s a central station with 5 platforms and 10 converging tracks on both sides (the construction of which nearly crippled me for 4 years after a cost of 40 million). In city B, there’s a station on the edge of the residential area. Both cities are fed goods and other lines to closer cities in between. The cities also have bus coverage over roughly 75% of the city area.

I’ve noticed the TGV is largely being used for work-house traffic. People board the bus at their residential stop in City B, take the train, arrive in City A, take the bus to their work and return. It’s also being fed random people that want to go to City A for leisure by the other routes for some reason.

Basically, to cut a long story short:

If you want to make it work, prepare to invest a lot. And targeted. The TGV needs to connect two cities that actually benefit from each other, you can’t just turn your entire network into TGVs. Lastly, it’s annoying how it traverses half the map with tracks guaranteeing a 300 km/h maximum, yet it barely touches 245 km/h before having to decelerate again. Can’t wait for someone to mod an ICE3 or a Shinkansen -remember, the devs are looking for someone to mod a Shinkansen, whoever mods the best one gets a prize!- so we can get some real speed up in here.


Good luck!