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I tried to run 4 small ones around a medium map (4 corner cities, fed off 2 cities each by tram) but I went from I don’t know, -10M to about -2M in a decade or two. My other income offseted it enough so I didn’t go bankrupt, but it was only good for show off.

Generally speaking I am having troubles making profit with trains. Currently I do have a small commuter line with 2 trains that brings some profit (much less than trams or buses would), and 2×2 coal/iron lines that feed big factories (supplying 5-8 cities with goods). Those are profitable but the profit shown on line really jumps by a million or two up and down. It took a LOT of time and money invested to get them to turn profit. One time I had to send all 8 trains on a track to depot for electrifying and it sent me into negatives for about 10 years or so because the industries downgraded 2 times.

I’m expecting a little balancing for them in the future, maybe at some point we’d be able to build and run tens of them.

(I play on medium difficulty)