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You poor, delusive soul… don’t you know that an aged Gato Class sub is peanuts to a heavily armed F-35C. I blow you out of the water before you can say hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. For the last time, hands off my little Blue Jeans Lady, you hear !

Hehe…. But seriously, i just thought i’d try and add something positive for a change here ( didn’t anticipate it would turn into a war.. ;-))  Certainly after the great upgrade i have nothing but fun with TF. Sure, there’s a lot to wish for but isn’t that always the case. Personally i sense a great dedication that the developers have for this game. Important to me. One thing being the way they have realized to bring life into the cities, particularly human life. Very important if you are supposed to haul passengers around in a simulation game.

Even on this rather small scale, ‘the people’ that inhabit the TF cities are just fun to watch, i’d say very well animated and that little lady in blue jeans is downright cute. Quite realistic too as they stream out of a train station all together and each and every one of them finds his/her way to their home, work or shop. “Huh ??” Yes, very well done ! Compare that to the terrible atrosious looking zombies that board your bus in OmniBus simulator ! Uggghhh!!  The TS devs over at DoveTailGames might want to have a good look at TF people too before they release their new TS version. ( athough i find the pirouettes and moon walks that TS passengers constantly perform quite hilarious to watch :o)

Just saying. That’s all.  😉