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1) If trains are magically replaced, depots will become obsolete besides purchasing. And players would sell them to reduce building maintenance costs.

2) Better, the game would have to make an estimate and compare it to the available funds prior to the action to prevent the sale of all vehicles when only a part can be replaced.

Though I still don’t understand why the vehicle has to be sold on the spot. They could just be given the “return to depot and sell” command as usual. This would mean the entire purchase price would need to be available in the player’s budget, excluding the sale price of the to-be-replaced vehicles. This way, trains don’t magically disappear. After all, trains dont magically disappear.

And to make the timing of replacement work, I wouldn’t mind if replacing vehicles was still done on a vehicle by vehicle basis. This way it can be done without disrupting the line or sacrificing any passengers/cargo (Which disappear if you send a train to depot and it is carrying something.).