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I feel the need to add my two cents worth to this. I am not a great fan of extreme micro management games and tend to stay clear of them as I find it brain numbing. Maybe I should have researched this game a tad bit more before my purchase (thankfully only paid a few pounds). Why is it that a game of this tycoon class of games released 2014 lack the fundamental train and bus/lorry(truck) replace button? I have read on here that some like the tedious fair of babysitting 120 plus lines and replacing old trains with new ones but I honestly miss the REPLACE Button from Railroad Tycoon classics. There is enough in this game to keep those of us who enjoy this genre that the idea of constantly clicks and windows and alerts for each and every item needing replacement. For this reason I am benching this game. It is sad because this game has its really great points that I was looking forward to playing and experimenting with. So back to my trusty RRT games and wait for the devs to either patch this into the game (dont hold much hope for that as it is 2016) or wait for a newer game that implements all the great qualities from this and the RRT games.

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