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Something to tag onto the end of this question: Change

One of the things I’m really looking forward to in Train Fever is building a network and growing it organically over time.  In similar games (like OpenTTD), I love to play over the decades, realistically expanding stations and adding tracks and service (and removing them) as the world changes.

I’d just like to suggest/make sure that Train fever handles changes well.  Expanding stations, platforms, etc.

This is something OpenTTD does very well; not only are changes always possible, I can completely demolish a station, and the game “holds” the identifier for a little while so I can rebuild it without destroying the orders of all the vehicles going there.

On the flip side, the Cities in Motion series is terrible at this; every change of the street furniture requires a painful redrawing of routes.

Anyway, a suggestion from my end.  Thanks for your time, and your game!