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Bump Devs.

I have this issue also.  In my case I have a dual track circular route between 4 cities.  There are 2 routes. One is Clockwise the other AntiClockwise.  I have placed signals so the train should drive on the right track (ie the clock wise are in the inner circle of the dual track and the AntiClockwise are on the outer circle.

When I change routes anywhere it sometimes decides to reroute my trains onto the same track, so that the clockwise and anticlockwise route are both on the outer of the dual track.  Of course this can not work so all the trains end up jammed and stopped.  When I run out of money I notice and have to go to one of the 2 routes remove a station from the route and readd it to make it work out the track route properly again.


This is really getting on my nerves as its makes it difficult to enjoy the game when your most profitable routes end up costing you 2 mill per year and eat up all your cash reserves.

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