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They need to make serious changes soon or it is going to fade away.
There are too many outstanding serious frustrations to really keep a large player base engaged. That’s entirely their problem. If they could address some of the major game issues like:

  1. Collisions with track/roads
  2. roads over rails (and their upgrades)
  3. industry diversification (let cities take other items)
  4. station upgrades
  5. dynamic track choice
  6. vehicle replacement management

They could turn this into a pretty significant long running game and series. There are a few more things beyond this, but I think if these things were fixed it would remove the majority of issues most people have with the game and it would be easier to recommend it, promote it, and get into it.

Personally I considered doing some modifications related to Korea, since I’m living here, but I can’t justify the investment with the current state of the game.