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My reply was directed at the OP. Whose complaint was about the 400 production limit. Saying he cheated the whole game and still didn’t have fun. In goods I’d say a bigger problem is that the demand is too low, than that the max production is not high enough.

It’s true that the larger the populations get, the more work it becomes to calculate all their destinations. However, this was the intended feature so that the mechanic of TTD where passengers just gather at a nearby station and don’t care where they are taken to. And yes, this mechanic makes for more restrictive gameplay. Personally I think determining destinations per building instead of per person would work well enough.

Regardless, I think you didn’t need to bring that up in this topic. Which is basically some player who doesn’t like the game (anymore?).


You do realize this game is being made by a team of 5 people?

Where can I find one of these inaccurate descriptions of the game prior to release?
There are enough Let’s Play… clips of TF to showcase gameplay. I personally use these as an indicator to see if I’d like the experience.

You’re also very paranoid. Just because I believe people shouldn’t dramatize on their own experience so much and just move on, I am a mole? Here to rescue the PR reputation of…oh right Urban Games and protect their interests? You should write a book!

But seriously. Check out the about page. This is a game by two brothers and their friend(s) by the looks of things, maybe just finished their study? Maybe even with this project? Aren’t you just being a little ridiculous, demanding the same performance from them as experienced studios who have the manpower, resources and planning ability required to make such estimations and deadlines?

I say either have realistic expectations, appreciate what there is and be patient. Or don’t, complain and whine and feel self-righteous. But it’s not going to change anything. If anything you’re making it worse because they have to pile through pages of bile rather than just improve what was the basic premise of their game. Yes, the game was released. Yes the balance and performance turned out worse than expected. This happens to a lot of games. More so now in the era of AGILE based projects. Major

For the record, I’m a software engineer, not a game developer. So I know the kind of things they have to do, and I sympathize. I’m glad my occupation isn’t so dependent on the individual experiences of my users, but on the effectiveness of functionality. I’d go crazy if users with no insight in technical matters could just drone in my ear like that.