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Yeah, we should cut some slack to the developers. I’m quite sure they haven’t gone through all the effort to make this game just to scam us out of our hard earned money. There are far easier ways to do it.

This kind of simulation games are rare nowadays and very few major studios like to release them (which might be for the better… or should I mention SimCity?). This is the first game released by Urban Games so it’s unreasonable to expect that they get everything right the first time. A larger game studio would have had much more resources for beta testing and fixing those small important details.

I also agree that there are lot of things that need improving in TF at the moment and it might have been more appropriate to release it as an early access game in Steam. Anyway, it would be nice to hear something from the developers themselves more regularly. Some information about what they are working with at the moment and when we can expect new patches etc.