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@crossmr There are path signals. Block signals are essentially useless when you have path signals.

I’d rather see pre-signals than block signals.

If you look at openTTD early in it’s lifetime, it was just a recreation of TTD that would run properly on modern OS. It’s still adding features, and has done so for 10 years now.

People are just too impatient. All they want is instant gratification. “Anything I want and can afford, I can have in a week, at most two weeks, time.” might work for anything mass produced, it doesn’t work for anything that takes a longer time to complete. For example, fixing the performance issues inherent to late (highly developed) games. And adding the new features everyone’s complaining about because “openTTD has it”, is probably going to be improbable whilst these issues are not fixed.

Because from an engineer’s point of view “Making it work” is more important than “Making it do more”.