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I am not a Game Developer, I have nothing to do with the development of this game.

Simutrans most likely calculates the destination overhead (x% from zone 13R destination 13C, x% from zone 14R destination 13C, x% from zone 13R destination 14I). TrainFever is developed by 5 people (of which 3 seem graphics involved). They picked a wrong approach in destination determination and it’s costing a load of PC resources.

I also believe a passenger represents multiple people. After all, the max travel time is 20min, which is 2,5 years in game time. Nobody ever goes on a 2,5 year train ride to commute. It’s representative. If you want 10.000 people standing at your station, feel free to play Simutrans. I’m not really bothered by the low number of peons as long as I make a profit and can build cool rail systems.


I guess it is very unlucky you have performance issues all through-out the game. Here it only starts after significant growth. For me it’s still late-game breaking, but I can still enjoy the rise of transit era.
Still, they have pledged to work on it until it works. They are not very experienced and don’t have a lot of manhours. And people have no idea how much work goes into rewriting an entire feature. I say if you enjoy even the thought of what this game could become, give them a break, put the game down while they fix it if that’s what it takes to be willing to give it a shot later.

When I am waited on in a restaurant, I take his/her efforts into account, as well as behaving in a way that makes the experience positive for him/her as well. When I get on a bus, or get ticket checked on the train, I’m nice to the driver and the conductor. The same goes for software development. They aren’t more capable than other human beings, the same laws of nature that restrict us, restrict them. They have to work with an infinite number of variations in computing resources of their users, and solving a problem is often not as straightforward as in the real world. Because this thing is something you have created out of thin air and logical systems, if something doesn’t work, and that something is connected to many other aspects of the application, then all those aspects have to be rewritten too. And that is just HOPING you’ve interpreted the problem correctly and even then, that your solution works.

It’s a tough occupation and people never seem to empathize with that, seemingly because they don’t understand the effort and complexity.