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They are not very experienced and don’t have a lot of manhours. And people have no idea how much work goes into rewriting an entire feature. I say if you enjoy even the thought of what this game could become, give them a break,

I am giving them a break 🙂 but I am also losing interest in replaying to a particular point.  If nobody mentioned anything negative, the dev’s would have no indication of the experience people are having and would assume all is well in the world of train fever.

The performance issues don’t suddenly appear mid-game.. they are present from the start, but system spec’s may well make it less noticeable, lets take the vehicle windows for instance.  Buy 10 vehicles in succession on an 1850 map and monitor the FPS… it may not have a great impact losing 70% of the FPS at that point (I may be exaggerating @70%), since for me (without vsync) I can hit easily 100+ fps here… but as the overall performance decreases, that 70% becomes a big deal, when the average is 30, more so when the average hits 20.

Anyway, the fact that everybody in this thread is posting here and have not just uninstalled, stopped playing and walked away is actually a good thing, positive or negative.  The fact that people want more, the fact that people want it to work shows that those are passionate about the possibilities of the game Urban have released.

Passion drives sales and future commitment.   Passion from end users can have the same effect, its not just required from the dev’s. 



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