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,@NLTops – Dude, I can care less what you think. These forums were put here for us to voice our opinions, complaints as well as compliments about our game experience and I voiced mine about my dislikes of the game. If you have a problem with that, TOO DAMN BAD. Bottom line, they sold me a game at full price and I am displeased with it so far and wrote about it in the forums they setup to do just this. They NEVER said there are problems with this game. I give a rats ass how small their team is. They released a game and charged me money for it. I have a right to say/type what I feel. If that upsets you then that’s just too damn bad. You did not pay for my game nor will you pay for other games. So you can quit with your holier than thou attitude because it means nothing to me. I will continue to voice my opinion whether you like it or not. Screw you. You can take your head out of the DEVs ass now.

Now I know where the term, Fanboy comes from. There’s one in this thread named NLTops.