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Didn’t realise such cards existed.  It seems odd that it would have 3, as that card has a 256-bit bus-width, so it’d usually either be 1, 2, 4, 8, etc…  Couldn’t find any info on what they changed to allow an odd number.

Well, the 6950 is about 4x more processing power and 5x the memory bandwidth of my cruddy laptop card, so you really shouldn’t be having any major issues.

I get the feeling the stalling thing may happen regardless of system spec, simply because the game is trying to bulk-load too much at once when you have the LOD set to high, and point the camera towards the horizon.

I get the feeling the devs will be tuning those settings sooner or later to be a tad more conservative, and hopefully if there is any Radeon-specific issues, they’ll get ironed out too.


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