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Are there any plans to let us design our own maps? If so, I’d really like to discuss a two things.

  • Heightmaps
  • Splat maps

Height maps is a common way to transfer height data from real world locations into 3D engines and 3D software. I’ve recently discovered World Machine and had a go with it with both fictional and real world terrain. Let me be the first to tell you; this is an awesome tool!

World Machine cannot only be used to generate, design and alter existing height maps, but it can also export so called splat maps, which are automatically generated depending on slope angle, height and so on. A splat map can then be used to tell the game engine where to put certain textures such as rock, grass, mud, etc.

Using splat maps can give you a far better and more realistic representation of any terrain you’d otherwise hand paint. However, you should be able to paint just about whatever texture you want. But using splat maps would be an option for those who can make those.