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About the internet use with the error reporting turned off. We do use the steam user-stats and achievement system, this does also use the connection. On our side, we only get the crash dumps if your game crashes and your error reporting is on.

Thank you for explaining that¬†mikael. That had me wondering what was going on with this game since it has the problems that it does but now I understand. My game laggs a lot and was wondering if that was part of the reason for the lag but I guess my quad core with a GeForce GTX 650 Ti isn’t good enough to run this game well. Hopefully you guys can get some optimization going to get it to run better because it gets very annoying playing it like it is now and if it continues this way, I don’t see me playing it for very long.

If feel it’s a good game but after playing TTD and Locomotion, I don’t consider this game a very good train game because of the limitation of the cargo and goods. While others might enjoy watching a bunch of trains with 4-6 cars running around, I’d rather see longer trains with a hell of a lot more cars on them.

I hope to see further development of this game and it gets the features needed to make it a high quality game because the possibilities are there, they just need to be implemented.