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Hi Xanos,

I went to the tfmm page and downloaded the new tfmm. I am still unable to load the metro vanilla file, also the tfmm will not load the existing mods that I have. I have screwed something up but what I do not know? The tfmm is at C:\program files(86)\steam\steamapps\common\trainfever\. I have checked the settings in tfmm and it says the manager has the approiate permissions. The mods’ in the mod manager are all ticked. I am running a laptop with i7 and windows 10. 2.0ghz. and I don’t have any major problems running the game except that it locks up if I have too many windows open. So I have to be careful. I have played this game for 270hrs.

Could you please help out with the mods.

Thanks and a Merry Xmas.