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Same for me…. 3 Cities are in supply reach with high demands, all chains are active and definitly overpopulated with empty vehicles, certainly no issue for the 20 minute limit… maybe there is something going on in the background that blocks..

I made a try 2 days back and created the 3 good industries (household from plastic, furniture from wood and tools from metalbars)… The supply chain is of course quickly setup, and my short test (didn’t played very long) made my ressource industry to produce like champs even in the 1850’s…..

the demand system is a bit strange 🙂 Personally, I would be more happy with a system like in transport gigant… given max production per month from the industry, as long as you deliver the goods needed…

However, in order not to create a even more boring money machine, we would need more industry, more goods and a overhaul of the money system to make it still  a challange for the player….

But I’m confident for the future 🙂