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Hey javanockzik,

This way you can duplicate the original class 185 and let the original class 185 intact, hope you can do this too with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen Class 186.

>The mod will replace the ingame textures, I haven’t figured out how to duplicate vehicles yet, to make them additional to the current ingame content.

You can make duplicate of in-game vehicle following this steps:

  1. Duplicate vehicle tga texture under res\textures\models\vehicle;
  2. Duplicate vehicle mtl files under res\models\material\vehicle, change params.map_color_reflect.fileName to your tga texture file name;
  3. Duplicate vehicle msh files under res\models\mesh\vehicle, change subMeshes.materials to your mtl file name;
  4. Duplicate vehicle mdl file under res\models\model\vehicle, change appropriate to your msh file name;
  5. Duplicate vehicle tga icons under res\textures\ui\models\vehicle and res\textures\ui\models_small\vehicle (name must match with mdl).

Than you can change duplicated icons, textures and configs (vehicle name, cost, etc) and it not affect original vehicle:

(On this screenshot I’m forgot to duplicate icon)