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got also a other questing i forgot to ask about for modding:
will there be Steam workshop where you can download/Upload mods
or a site made just for that

or will it be like some games where its sometimes really hard to find mods since they are spread all over the internet so not even google will help you there and this happens if modders dont have a place to upload/Download stuff for the game

dont needing to have a server full of people´s mods but more like a place where ppl can Give the Download links (like dropbox or mediafire) as a forum(maybe use this one) or ppl can submit download Links to a mod for the game
where they submit a mod with giving the link and upload 1-3 images (via imgur or something like that)

so its easyer to browser mods and find what you needing then search in a forum (like if someone not have posted in a thread for a mod in long time its harder to find that mod)


or just something so it wont up up like:

the 2d fighter engine: M.U.G.E.N

Simcity 4 from afew year since
and some other moddeble games

where it is basely impossible to find a mod for a game you know exist and is released but can´t find it again

and kinda dont want that to happen again with this game so thats why i ask

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