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Hi on mariodk,

just a remark to your post.
Personally, I hope that there will be a possibility to stay away from steam at all. On Steam I saw the fall of two very nice games, CiM2 and Civ5.

Both games were sequels to very successful games as a result of a strongly modding community. When transferred to steam, the mod number decreased to a minimum and the community started to leave the games.
You have to follow the modders attempts for CiM2 (by eis_os), which vere driving crazy even the best of them due to a unmoddable configuration of the Unity platform.

For Urban games I can state my opinion, which I surely share with others: I will buy all the DLCs no matter how they are distributed and no matter how many MODs there are around. It is an expression, that we appreciate projects, which try to make good games in this genre. Because we know, that today the sale of DLCs is necessary to survive…



[Sim Transport veteran ;-)]